how i still love u

It’s been a long time
This paper was dusted
Last summer…yes since that time

I almost forget how I tell ‘I love U’
Page by page I remind my memory
Can you help me to remind all those love moments?

When I kissed your lips for the first time
The time you hug me when I fall
I just can remember your name right now

…I missed all those time…

This time would be the best time
I can’t feel my heartbeat
Please hug me

Let me feel your heartbeat
Let me feel your warm lips
I miss u

Dear, I can see that falling star on your eyes
Now I can breathe through your heartbeat
But now I can’t feel my hands

Why dear…. I scared
Why you cry, love?
Smile for me please

And I would smile to you from there
Love u Dear


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